What is adolescent immunizations?

Helping your older child or teen feel better during immunizations

When your school-age child or teen needs immunizations, talk with them about what to expect. Address any misconceptions. This may help reduce the discomfort of injections.

  • Ask your child what has helped in the past.
  • Teach your child to use relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or thinking about pleasant things.
  • Help distract your child.
    • Suggest bringing a book or computer game along.
    • Talk about subjects that interest your child.

What immunizations are recommended for teens?

Teens need certain immunizations and booster shots for ongoing protection (immunity) against diseases. Immunizations may include those for the flu and COVID-19 and a meningococcal booster. Your child's doctor may suggest other shots.

Why Get Your Older Child or Teen Immunized?

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