What is temporary pacemaker?

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Temporary pacemaker

A temporary pacemaker is a device that is used to help keep a regular heartbeat. Temporary pacemakers are located outside the body. The pacemaker may be attached to the heart by one or more wires. These wires may be threaded through a vein in the neck or an incision in the chest. The pacemaker sends out small electrical impulses to help a heart beat in a regular rhythm and at a normal speed.

Temporary pacemakers are used only while a person is in the hospital. A temporary pacemaker is used when a person is:

  • Too sick to receive a permanent pacemaker.
  • Likely to recover from a slow heart rate and will not need a permanent pacemaker (such as right after a heart attack).
  • In an emergency situation, because of a slow heart rate. For example, a person's blood pressure may be very low because of a slow heart rate, and it is necessary to speed up the heart immediately.
  • Recovering from heart surgery.

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