The value of research

Research benefits our entire health care enterprise and advances our larger mission to provide high-quality, affordable health care to the communities we serve. 

clinical researh

The CommonSpirit Health Research Institute provides start-to-finish clinical research services, resources and clinical trials oversight to all facilities engaged in research with a primary focus on the following research activities:

  • Multi-Site Clinical Trials
  • Local and Large-Scale Data Research
  • Technology and Innovation Research Partnerships with Industry & Academia
  • Medical Staff/Physician Investigator Initiated Research
  • Medical Resident Initiated Research (Dignity Health Teaching Facilities)
  • Nurse/Nursing Initiated Research
  • Health Sciences / Student Initiated Research (Non-Medical Resident)

We believe in the power of clinical research

Learn about how to participate in clinical trials, locate active clinical trials and understand what it means to participate in clinical research.