Research operations

Research operations at CommonSpirit Health Research Institute (CSHRI) strives to be a national leader in developing enterprise clinical research programs and health care innovation. Our team, comprised of dedicated physicians and clinical research coordinating staff, is at the forefront of offering a wide range of clinical trials to our communities. We are committed to identifying new technologies, procedures and treatments that positively impact our research participants, improving not only their health outcomes but also their overall quality of life. Our national research operations infrastructure is a testament to our commitment to delivering compassionate, high-quality, affordable health care services.


At a glance

  • Over 400 unique and active clinical trials: We offer a diverse range of clinical trials, providing our communities with access to cutting-edge health care solutions.
  • Over 2,000 active study participants: Since its creation CSHRI has enrolled more than 6200 participants demonstrating our extensive reach and impact.

  • Our research leads to innovative health care solutions: Through our research programs, we've introduced several new technologies and treatments that have significantly improved the diagnosis, care and/or treatment for patients in the communities we serve.
Primary research operations functions

Backbone of clinical research:

Research Operations at CSHRI symbolizes the core strength and support that underpins research endeavors. This integral part of the institute represents the collaborative effort of various departments that contribute to the institute's mission of advancing health care through research. It's a confluence of expertise, dedication and innovation, working tirelessly to ensure research projects are supported, breakthroughs are facilitated and discoveries are leveraged  to help improve research participant care. The backbone embodies the commitment to excellence and the pursuit of knowledge that defines the spirit of CSHRI.

Backbone of institiue