What is male breast reduction?

Male Breast Reduction
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Male breast reduction surgery: Overview

Breast reduction surgery in men removes excess tissue from the breasts. It can help make the chest look firmer and more flat. The breasts may be bigger because of a condition that runs in the family or a hormonal imbalance. Medicine, disease, or excess weight may also cause it.

If the extra tissue is fat, it may be removed with liposuction. If it includes gland tissue, the doctor may remove it through a small cut (incision) near the nipple. Any extra skin may also be removed.

You will likely be asleep for the procedure. You will probably be able to go home the same day.

You may wear a snug chest band for a few weeks to help with healing. You will likely go back to normal activities within a month.

The risks of the surgery include swelling, numbness around the nipple, infection, and uneven breast shape.

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