Emergency Care when you need it

Rapid response during an emergency can make a lifesaving difference. When life’s mishaps happen, our board-certified emergency medicine physicians, advanced practice providers and nurses are ready to care for you and your loved one.

Emergency Care and Medicine | ER Services

Why choose us for Emergency Care?

Our dedicated ER staff treats patients of all ages for the most common emergencies, such as burns, cuts, falls, and broken bones and sprains. We also provide expert care for patients experiencing a stroke, heart attack and chest pain. In some communities, we have certified heart and stroke centers to help provide the best possible care during critical moments.

24/7 ER services.

Our emergency departments offer a complete range of care and access to emergency physicians, specialized nurses, additional specialists and subspecialists, and the necessary equipment to assess and stabilize patients. In some communities, we have centers that specialize in critical cases resulting from accidents or other traumatic events.

Equipped to handle a wide range of emergencies.

Our ERs are well-equipped with the necessary diagnostic equipment and other innovative tools to handle a wide range of emergencies.

Advancing Emergency Services

When minutes count, our team of doctors, nurses and staff can help bring peace of mind to distressing situations.

Our board-certified emergency physicians, trauma surgeons, nurses, and specialists diagnose and treat life-threatening injuries.

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Our ERs provide critical medical attention when you need it and may include diagnostic tests, stabilization, and referrals for further treatment or admission.

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