Connected community network

The Connected Community Network (CCN) seeks to create health equity in communities by bringing together multiple stakeholders to connect community resources to underserved populations in need of vital services. With sites in several locations, the networks aim to address social, economic, and environmental determinants of health for our most vulnerable patients.

connected community network

Journey to connection

Research shows that when patients receive the social resources they need, hospital admissions can be reduced and overall health can be improved. By documenting and tracking a patient’s social health  journey in addition to their clinical health, gaps in care can be mitigated. 

The CCN began in 2016 in Nevada with referrals to community resources within the hospital, using an existing technology. In late 2017, the CCN began making referrals to a dozen external community organizations in Santa Cruz, California, and saw significant benefits of bringing social workers and community program leaders  together to network and understand the resources available.

Now, the CCN model has expanded to include more community-based organizations (CBOs), other  stakeholders, and enhanced mechanisms for sustainability to rightly center health in the communities  themselves.

How it works

At the heart of all CCN partnerships are four central tenets:

  1. A neutral community convener, which functions as the facilitator to bring together local community provider organizations, establish governance, manage network funding, and advocate and align the CCN with local initiatives.   
  2. A robust 2-1-1 information system to provide resources and referrals to health, human, and social service organizations in multiple languages.
  3. A collaborative network of CBOs in order to strengthen linkages to support services by creating further access points for those seeking help.  
  4. A technology platform that allows for effective referrals and coordination of care. 

With these components, the subsequent community network promotes a no wrong door approach,  enabling greater access to and accountability for needed nonclinical services. The CCN also shifts power from large systems to community partners through shared governance. 

A 'community bank'

The CCN model includes an innovative “community bank” concept, which ultimately creates  a sustainable funding mechanism for public-private partnership. Funding Partners will contribute to the community bank and share in community infrastructure costs. 

community health bank