What is asthma diary?

Asthma Diary

Using an asthma diary

You can use an asthma diary to help track your peak flow readings, your symptoms, and your asthma triggers.

  • Record your peak expiratory flow.
    • Measure your peak flow often—every morning and evening if possible—if your doctor recommends it.
    • It may be helpful to record your peak flow using the same green, yellow, and red zone system used in your asthma action plan.
  • Record your symptoms.
    • If you have an asthma attack, write down what you think triggered it and your symptoms.
    • Write down what kind of medicine you used for quick relief and how well it worked.
    • Note if you had to call your doctor or get emergency care. This can help you know your triggers and help your doctor monitor your treatment.

    Here is an example of what you might include in your asthma diary, if you measure peak flow.

    • Day: Tuesday
    • Morning peak flow: Green
    • Evening peak flow: Red
    • Trigger: Swimming
    • Symptoms: Wheezing
    • Quick-relief medicine and response: Took albuterol. Got rid of wheezing.
    • Red-zone visit to doctor or hospital: No
  • Share your diary with your doctor when you have a checkup.

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