What is avulsion injuries?

Avulsion Injuries
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Avulsion injury

An avulsion injury is a cut, tear, or scrape that removes layers of skin. If it's a deep injury, you might see fat or muscle in the wound. Cutting off the tip of a finger or toe is a common avulsion injury.

The larger the wound, the longer it will take to heal, and the greater the risk of infection.

The wound should be checked by a doctor if the injury is larger than 0.25 in. by 0.25 in. (6 mm by 6 mm).

Treatment options include:

  • Letting the wound to heal on its own. If it's shallow, new skin will grow from the bottom of the wound. If it's deep, new skin will grow from the edges into the middle.
  • Stitching the edges of the wound together if the wound is small.
  • Reattaching the cut-off skin.
  • Grafting skin over the wound.

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