What is back exercises?

Back Exercises

How can you stay safe during back exercises?

These exercises can help you move easier and feel better. But when you first start doing them, you may have more pain in your back. This is normal. But it is important to pay close attention to your pain during and after each exercise.

  • Keep doing these exercises if your pain stays the same or moves from your leg and buttock more toward the middle of your spine. Pain moving out of your leg and buttock is a good sign.
  • Stop doing these exercises if your pain gets worse in your leg and buttock. Stop if you start to have pain in your leg and buttock that you didn't have before.

Be sure to do these exercises in the order they appear. Note how your pain changes before you move to the next one.

If your pain is much worse right after exercise and stays worse the next day, do not do any of these exercises.

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