What is blood sugar tracking?

Recording your child's blood sugar testing results

Here are some ways to record your child's blood sugar results. You and your child's doctor will use the record to see how often your child's levels are in the target range.

  • Use the memory storage feature of the meter and other note-taking features.

    Many glucose meters can store hundreds of glucose readings. Some meters can send the results to your computer or mobile device. This makes it easy to share the results with your child's doctor.

  • Use printed blood sugar logs.

    You can get these logs from companies that make diabetes medicines and supplies. Or you can use a home blood sugar diary.

  • Use a notebook to make a blood sugar log.

    You can record other information, such as your child's insulin doses, physical activity, and what your child has eaten. This information will help you and your doctor find patterns in your child's blood sugar levels.

Why is it important to record your child's blood sugar test results?

A record of your child's blood sugar shows how often blood sugar levels have been in a target range. It can help show how medicine, food, and activity affect blood sugar. This information helps the doctor decide if your child's medicine or insulin dose needs to be adjusted.

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