What is chin augmentation?

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Chin augmentation: Overview

Chin augmentation is a type of cosmetic surgery. The goal is to change the appearance or shape of the chin. There are several ways to change, or augment, the chin, including:

Filler injection.

After numbing the area, a filler material is injected around the chin. It may be fat from another part of the body or a filler like hyaluronic acid. You can see the results right away. But it must be repeated over time to keep the chin’s shape.

Chin implant.

An implant is made of silicone or plastic that is trimmed into the desired shape. It's inserted through a cut (incision) made under the chin or inside the mouth. The results are permanent.

Chin surgery.

The jawbone is cut and reshaped to give the chin the desired shape. You'll be asleep for this procedure. The bone is usually held in place with screws and a metal plate. The results are permanent.

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