What is clear liquid diet?

Clear Liquid Diet

Clear liquid diets: Overview

Sometimes you have to stop eating solid food for a while. This may be because you're preparing for a medical procedure or recovering from one. Or solid food might irritate your digestive tract because of illness. But even when you can't eat solid food, your body still needs liquids and energy.

A clear liquid diet gives your body basic nutrition until you can go back to eating solid food. Your body digests these foods easily, and these foods don't leave behind any solids as they pass through your system.

A clear liquid diet isn't very satisfying. And it doesn't supply all the nutrients you need over the long term. But you will be on this diet for just a day or two. Soon you'll be able to return to your regular diet.

Clear liquids

Clear liquids are liquids that are fat-free and transparent. Clear liquids include water, strained fruit juices, plain coffee or tea, rehydration drinks, and broth.

What are examples of clear liquid diets?

A clear liquid diet may include:

  • Clear, fat-free broth and bouillon.
  • Water, ice chips, and flavored ice pops.
  • Strained fruit juices and flavored fruit drinks.
  • Fruit-flavored gelatin, like Jell-O.
  • Soft drinks like lemon-lime soda and ginger ale.
  • Sweetened coffee or tea without cream.

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