What is contact lens problems?

Contact Lens Problems
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What causes dry eyes in people who wear contact lenses?

Not having enough tears (dry eye) is caused by a lack of one or more of the substances that make up tears. Dry eyes are common in those who wear contact lenses. Eye diseases, other diseases, and certain medicines can also cause dry eyes.

Removing a contact lens that is stuck

Wash your hands before you try to take out a lens that is stuck in your eye.

To remove a stuck contact lens, you can try one or more of the following tips.

  • Put sterile saline or contact-lens eyedrops in your eye.

    This can help float the lens back over the cornea.

  • Look in a mirror to see if you can find an edge of the lens.

    If you can see the edge, use a finger to slide the lens back over the cornea.

  • If you can't see the lens and you think it is under your upper eyelid, relax your eyelid.

    Try to feel the lens through your eyelid. If you can feel the lens, try to move it back over the cornea.

  • Look downward as far as possible.

    See if the lens moves out from under the eyelid back over the cornea.

  • Gently massage your eyelid.

    Start at the top of the eye, and massage downward to see if you can move the lens down.

  • Try to lift the upper eyelid.

    See if you can see the lens and take it out.

If you can't remove a contact lens, call an eye professional for an appointment.

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