What is getting help around the home?

Getting Help Around the Home

Getting help at home when you have pain

If pain is making it hard to do daily tasks, let people know that you could use some help. Ask family members or friends to help out with physical tasks you can't do right now. Or look for help in your community. Here are some ideas.

  • Divide up chores.

    You could do the "mental" chores, like paying bills. Ask others to do the "physical" chores, like cleaning the floors.

  • Trade chores with a friend.

    If you have a skill you can trade, use it to "pay" a friend to do some cleaning or yard work for you.

  • Consider getting help from your community.
    • Your community may have annual events to help with things like raking leaves or home repair. Check your city's website or the local newspaper website, and sign up to get this help.
    • Faith groups or other local programs may have volunteers to help people in their homes.

Friends or family often want to help but don't know what to do. So let others know what you need.

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