What is medications?

Coronary artery disease: How can you overcome barriers to taking medicines?

Taking heart medicines can be hard to get used to—especially if you take several pills every day.

If you're struggling with it, changing your thinking might help. What you tell yourself about your medicines can help you feel better about them.

  • If taking medicine makes you feel like a sick person: Try to think of yourself as someone who wants to stay well. Medicine can keep you feeling well. Remember the people and activities that you want to stay healthy for.
  • If you don't feel better from the medicine: This is because heart medicines help your body in ways you don't always feel. Taking medicines now may pay off in a healthier and longer life.
  • If you forget to take your medicine: Try using a calendar, a phone alert, or a pill box to remind yourself.

If you have other challenges, write them down. Can you think of some ways you might handle them?

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