What is nerve ablation for chronic pain?

Nerve Ablation for Chronic Pain

How long does nerve ablation for chronic pain take?

The procedure usually takes an hour or less. But it may take longer. How long it takes will depend on where and how many nerves need to be removed or destroyed.

How well does nerve ablation work for chronic pain?

The amount of pain relief from ablation, and how long the relief lasts, varies by the cause of your pain and its location. It may not stop the pain for good. The destroyed nerve may grow back. If it does, the pain may come back. But you can have the procedure again if you need to.

Nerve ablation doesn't work for everyone.

What is nerve ablation for chronic pain?

Nerve ablation is a procedure that destroys nerves in an area of pain. Destroying nerves helps reduce or stop pain signals. This can help relieve long-term (chronic) pain. Ablation may be used for chronic low back pain, neck pain, and pain in some other areas of the body.

Why is nerve ablation used for chronic pain?

Ablation may be used when other methods of pain control haven't helped. It can work well for some types of pain.

How is a nerve block used before nerve ablation?

Before the nerve ablation procedure, you will have a test that uses a nerve block. The nerve block tells the doctor if the ablation will relieve your pain. This test numbs specific nerves to help your doctor find the nerves that are causing your pain. Guided by X-rays or ultrasound, the doctor injects a drug on or near the nerve. The drug relieves pain by stopping the nerve from carrying pain signals for a short time. If the nerve block relieves your pain, the ablation may work for you.

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