What is silicosis?


What are the symptoms of silicosis?

Silicosis can cause breathing problems and damage to the lungs. Symptoms may appear many years after exposure to silica. But they can occur much sooner when there is a high level of exposure.

How is silicosis treated?

Silicosis can't be cured, but medicines can help manage the symptoms and treat problems such as infections.

How can you help prevent silicosis?

To help prevent silicosis, you can do things to avoid dust exposure. For example, you can wear a mask or other device that prevents the fine silica dust from getting into your lungs. Employers are legally responsible for limiting exposure for workers and taking steps to protect workers.

What is silicosis?

Silicosis is a lung disease caused by breathing in tiny pieces of sand or silica dust. Silica is a common mineral found in sand and rock. Breathing in silica may be a risk in certain jobs, such as construction, mining, rock drilling, sandblasting, and masonry. Silicosis may also be a risk for people who work with glass or ceramics.

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