What is tendon glides?

Tendon glides

Picture of the tendon glide exercise
  1. In this exercise, the steps follow one another to make a continuous movement.
  2. With one hand, point your fingers and thumb straight up. Your wrist should be relaxed, following the line of your fingers and thumb.
  3. Curl your fingers so that the top two joints in them are bent, and your fingers wrap down. Your fingertips should touch or be near the base of your fingers. Your fingers will look like a hook.
  4. Make a fist by bending your knuckles. Your thumb can gently rest against your index (pointing) finger.
  5. Unwind your fingers slightly so that your fingertips can touch the base of your palm. Your thumb can rest against your index finger. Hold that position for about 6 seconds.
  6. Move back to your starting position, with your fingers and thumb pointing up.
  7. Repeat the series of motions 8 to 12 times.
  8. Switch hands, and repeat steps 1 through 6.

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