What is vaginismus?

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Vaginismus: Overview

Vaginismus is a spasm of the muscles around the opening to the vagina. This spasm can make sex painful and even impossible.

Your doctor may do tests to see what is causing the spasms. Treatment may include counseling. And you may get training on how to relax or stretch out your muscles. These treatments can help reduce pain during sex.

How can you care for vaginismus?

  • Follow any directions your doctor gives you on how to widen, or dilate, your vaginal opening.

Vaginismus: When to call

Call your doctor now or seek immediate medical care if:

  • You have new or worse belly or pelvic pain.
  • You have severe vaginal bleeding.

Watch closely for changes in your health, and be sure to contact your doctor if:

  • You have unusual vaginal bleeding.
  • You do not get better as expected.

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