What is vertigo walking exercises?

Vertigo walking exercises: Overview

Walking is a simple but powerful exercise for vertigo. It can help improve your balance. Walking with greater balance will allow you to function better on your own, which in turn may lead to improved self-confidence. As you walk, you will also be working your muscles. This helps you keep muscle tone and may increase your strength.

Because you are moving, you are more at risk of falling. If you can, do your walking next to a wall with a handrail or in a hall, or be sure to have someone with you.

Here are three walking exercises that can slowly help improve your balance.

  • "Walk and stop" exercise for vertigo
  • "Walk and turn around" exercise for vertigo
  • "Walk and turn your head" exercise for vertigo
If you are concerned about falling, always have someone with you when you take your walks.

'Walk and stop' exercise (vertigo)

  1. Walk 5 steps, and stop abruptly.
  2. Wait 10 seconds or until any dizziness goes away.
  3. Repeat this until you have walked about 50 ft (15 m) .
  4. Do this exercise twice.

Slowly work up to walking 100 ft (30 m).

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