Eco stewardship

At CommonSpirit health, our mission guides us in our commitment to improve the health of the people we serve - in mind, body and spirit. 

A healthy environment - fresh water to drink, clean air to breathe, fertile soil in which to grow our food - is vital to our health. We must take action today toward environmental sustainability by reducing our footprint on Earth, preserving natural resources and protecting the environment, to leave our common home a better, healthier place.

Connecting mission to action

U.S. hospitals produce more than 5.9 million tons of waste every year. As one of the largest nonprofit health systems in the nation, we have a great responsibility to recognize this environmental impact and be leaders of change. Our commitment to the greater good through environmentally responsible practices exemplifies our care and commitment to all we serve.


Connecting mission to action
Connecting mission to action

Our 2030 energy goals*


Increase use of renewable energy by 20% and Decrease emissions by 40%


Decrease in energy and water consumption by 25%

*Based on a 2019 baseline

CommonSpirit sustainability initiatives and programs

Advocacy: We recognize that public policy activities directly correlate to our healing mission. We advocate and work with sustainability partners, such as:

  • America is all in, a coalition of U.S. leaders, co-led by CommonSpirit CEO Lloyd H. Dean, to drive a society-wide mobilization to reach at least 50-52% emissions reductions by 2030. 
  • Supply chain: We are working to embed sustainability into our purchasing processes and engage suppliers to provide innovative, sustainable products with a reduced impact on human health and the environment. 
  • The chemical footprint project, which leads global efforts to measure and make progress in safer chemical use.
  • Greenhealth exchange, which works to accelerate the development and adoption of new and more environmentally-friendly products.
  • Climate resilience: CommonSpirit is committed to reducing the impacts of climate change through:
  • Partnering with ecoAmerica to educate and encourage caregivers and employees regarding the connection between climate and health and to advocate for improvements in climate change measures.
  • Laudato si challenge and Season of creation action from Pope Francis, challenging Catholics worldwide to help our collective home. 
  • Eco-activities in our hospitals and communities like planting trees and partnering with food banks to reduce food waste.
  • Vendor collaborations such as reducing the use of plastics in our operating rooms.
  • Recognition through awards like the 2020 Challenge Gold Award for climate advocacy leadership from Global green and healthy hospitals.