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Initiative Launched for Addiction Patients

Meet some of the inspiring clinicians leading our initiative to support patients struggling with addiction and expanding access to MAT for opioid use disorder.

Medications for addiction treatment (MAT), such as buprenorphine, is evidence-based, lifesaving care for patients with opioid use disorder. MAT, often in conjunction with mental health services, can help normalize body and social function. It also reduces cravings for illicit opioids, symptoms of opioid withdrawal, and the risk of opioid overdose. Evidence shows that patients benefit from easy to access and longitudinal treatment that supports them in their path to recovery. Healthcare providers, including physicians and advanced care practitioners, can become licensed to provide MAT in their clinical practice, through the DEA x-waiver to prescribe buprenorphine. The x-waiver license is critical in assuring equitable access to evidence-based, compassion care for opioid use disorder; we are obliged to assure that our patients in need can receive the care that they deserve across the CommonSpirit Health enterprise, from our rural clinics in the Midwest to our urban hospitals on the West Coast. You’ll hear from CommonSpirit Health physician champions in this video that x-waiver licensure is relatively easy to get, professionally meaningful, aligns with our shared mission to care for the most vulnerable, and can be incredibly impactful for the next patient you encounter with opioid use disorder. In fact, providing MAT could be the difference between life and death for that next patient struggling with addiction. We encourage you to join the Addiction Network, get x-waivered, and bring your compassionate, evidence-based care to those patients in need.