Expert Urology Care

Our urologists evaluate and treat various urinary tract conditions in both men and women, as well as the male reproductive system. When cases are complex, they often work with other medical specialists.

Learn more about CommonSpirit’s urology care and the full range of male and female urological disorders we treat and specialize in.

Why choose us for Urology Care?

Using various tools and technologies for diagnosis and treatment, our urology specialists diagnose and treat a full range of disorders of male and female urinary tract disorders while also specializing in the male reproductive system.

Urology Care focused on patient choice and comfort .

Like many other conditions, urology issues can have a significant impact on your comfort. Our board-certified urologists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners and surgeons work with their patients to identify the appropriate treatment plan based on the individual needs of their patients. In addition to having the clinical expertise in identifying and treating all forms of male and female urological disorders, all urologists are trained surgeons.

A multifaceted approach to diverse patient needs.

Our urologists are trained in specific areas of expertise to ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment of the most complex conditions, including urologic cancers. They also work closely with other medical specialists, including gynecologists, internists, pediatricians, geriatricians and oncologists.

Advancing Urology Care

Our urologic oncologists use specialized treatments, such as surgery, chemotherapy and immunotherapy, to treat bladder, kidney, prostate and testicular cancer.

Our urologist specialists treat the most common and complex urological conditions in men. Treatments can involve medications, surgery or minimally invasive procedures.

Some of our urologists subspecialize in urinary system issues in women, including bladder control, and urethra and kidney problems.

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