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Our commitment to health equity

CommonSpirit leaders, clinicians and staff share a collective commitment to lead the nation in health equity. Our Five Health Equity Priorities are designed to inspire, inform and enhance our work. Read our full health equity blueprint.


Transform from within

Our purpose is to ensure that everyone belongs. We seek to radiate equity outward from our core. We practice inclusion, instill cultural competency and train employees to recognize social determinants in diagnosis and treatment.

We seek and celebrate diversity, both as it is defined by law and reflected in the visible and invisible differences that make each person unique. And we are committed to treating one another and those in our care in a just and equitable way.

We also prioritize cultural competency so our employees provide care that is highly sensitive and responsive to the unique characteristics of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable.


Build insights

We design systems that measure health inequity and disparities and allow us to realize insights that will result in more equitable health outcomes for our patients.

Accessing the most relevant data and analytics allow us to better identify, measure and predict outcomes with an eye toward advancing equity as fast as the most recent innovations will allow.

CommonSpirit is a catalyst for building an analytics engine to:

• collect needed data to improve care;

• integrate data across every facet of our organization;

• measure the impact of our equity ethos;

• advance our vision to create a healthier future for all.


Heal the whole person

We prioritize adoption of existing and new clinical protocols focused on delivering equitable care and leveraging our size and scale to realize health equity within our own ministry and across the nation.

At CommonSpirit, our care delivery system is central to establishing and standardizing compassionate care that treats the whole person and furthers the common good. We partner with our caregivers in pursuit of relentlessly identifying and closing equity-related gaps in care.

Our purpose is to ensure everyone has a fair and just opportunity to be healthy. We do this by delivering the highest quality care that addresses each patient’s physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs.



Partner with others

We prioritize collaborating with like-minded partners to improve health and welfare for entire communities by developing joint programs with clear metrics for outcomes.

Driven by the deep desire to increase our capacity to serve, we are reconnecting with existing partners and cultivating new connections with those who share our values of Compassion, Inclusion, Integrity, Excellence and Collaboration. We will leverage our talents and partnerships for the benefit of the common good, and to listen to and be transformed by the voices we hear.


Advocate for justice

As individuals and as a ministry, we prioritize working to enact meaningful policy and organizational actions that address health equity, social determinants of health and diversity issues.

Our foundresses, who sacrificed so much to care for those in need, embodied the ecumenical spirit of advocacy. This spirit guides everything we do as we care for communities across the country.

Our legacy of advocacy propels us to lead the nation in championing health equity by promoting social, economic and environmental justice.


Learn more about our health equity blueprint for action