What is cooling therapies during chemotherapy?

How do cooling therapies during chemotherapy work?

Cooling therapy constricts (narrows) the blood vessels below the skin where hair and nails grow. Experts think that this allows less of some chemo medicines to get to these areas. This may reduce the impact of chemo on these cells.

What are cooling therapies during chemotherapy?

Cooling therapy means applying cold to your scalp, hands, or feet while you're having a chemotherapy treatment. It may help reduce problems that some chemo medicines can cause with your hair, skin, and nails. A cooling cap may help reduce hair loss. Frozen socks or gloves may help reduce problems with the nails.

How are cooling therapies during chemotherapy done?

You wear a cooling cap or frozen gloves or socks at the treatment center. You wear them during treatment, and for a time before and after treatment. Cooling therapy works best for certain chemo medicines and types of cancer. Ask your doctor if it might work for you.

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