What is duodenal atresia repair?

Duodenal Atresia Repair

What is duodenal atresia?

Duodenal atresia is a blockage in the duodenum, between the stomach and small intestine. It's a type of birth defect. When this blockage happens, food can't move from the stomach into the intestines. Babies can have surgery to open the blockage. It's usually done in the first few days after birth.

What can you expect as your child recovers from duodenal atresia repair?

Your baby may have different fluid and nutritional needs after surgery. And your baby's bowel habits may be different.

Your baby may stay in the hospital for several days to weeks. It depends on when your baby can start to digest food. It also depends on your baby's general health. When your baby is getting enough nutrition and gains weight, the feeding tubes can be removed.

When you take your baby home, you'll get information and support so you can start home feeding and care.

You'll need to schedule regular checkups to see if your baby is gaining weight, getting enough nutrients, and growing as expected.

How is duodenal atresia repair done?

Your baby will get medicine to make him or her sleep during the surgery. The doctor opens or bypasses the blocked part of the duodenum. He or she may use stitches, staples, tape, or glue to close the incision.

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