What is ladd procedure?

Ladd Procedure

What is a Ladd procedure in infants?

A Ladd procedure is a type of surgery. It fixes a problem with how your baby's intestines are positioned in his or her belly.

What can you expect as your infant recovers from a Ladd procedure?

Your baby's recovery depends on what symptoms your baby had before the surgery and whether the intestine is healthy. Your baby will probably need to stay in the hospital for at least a few days. You'll get instructions on how to care for your baby's incision, what medicines to give, and feedings during recovery.

Why is a Ladd procedure in infants done?

A Ladd procedure may be needed if your baby's intestines aren't in the right position and the position is causing problems.

How is a Ladd procedure in infants done?

The doctor will do surgery to look at your baby's intestine and cut the bands of tissue (Ladd's bands) that are pressing on it. The doctor moves the intestine into a better position in your baby's belly. The doctor will also remove your baby's appendix.

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