What is penile fracture?

What are the symptoms of a penile fracture?

Symptoms may include:

  • A popping or cracking sound, followed by sudden loss of erection.
  • Pain in the penis.
  • Dark bruising and swelling of the penis.
  • A bent shape to the penis.
  • Trouble urinating.

How is a penile fracture treated?

Surgery is often needed to fix a penile fracture. Doctors try to do the surgery as soon as possible to help the penis look normal and work as it should. Surgery can help prevent later problems like scarring and problems with erections.

During surgery, the doctor will make a cut (incision) to remove the extra blood in the penis. Then the doctor will repair the damaged tissue and blood vessels.

What is a penile fracture?

The penis has two tubes that fill with blood when a man has an erection. A lot of pressure or force on an erect penis can cause one of the tubes to pop, like a balloon or tire. This is called a penile fracture. Sometimes, it sounds like something has broken even though the penis does not have a bone in it.

A penile fracture can be very painful. As blood escapes from the tear in one of the tubes, the penis starts to bruise. It also changes shape.

A penile fracture most often happens when an erect penis is bent during sex or masturbation.

The doctor will carefully examine the penis to find out the extent of the injury. In some cases, a test such as an ultrasound may be done.

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