What is preoperative care for children?

Preoperative Care for Children

Preparing before your child's surgery

You can do some things that will help you and your child prepare for surgery.

  • Understand exactly what surgery is planned.

    Know the risks, benefits, and other options.

  • Tell the doctor if your child has any special needs.
  • Ask about the side effects your child might have from anesthesia.
  • Tell the doctors ALL the medicines, vitamins, supplements, and herbal remedies your child takes.
  • Help your child follow the doctor's instructions about which medicines to take or stop before surgery.
  • Follow any other instructions the doctor gave you.

When should you call your doctor?

  • You have questions or concerns.
  • You don't understand how to prepare your child for the surgery.
  • Your child becomes ill before the surgery (such as fever, flu, or a cold).
  • You need to reschedule or have changed your mind about your child having the surgery.

What happens at the hospital on the day of your child's surgery?

Your child's wristband will be checked. You may talk to your child's doctor about the surgery. The nurse will help your child get ready. The anesthesia provider will keep your child comfortable and safe during surgery. You will be told when you can rejoin your child in the recovery room.

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