What is rh immunoglobulin injection?

Rh Immunoglobulin Injection

Rh immunoglobulin shots: Overview

An Rh immunoglobulin shot is given to pregnant women who have Rh-negative blood.

You may have Rh-negative blood, and your baby may have Rh-positive blood. If the two types of blood mix, your body will make antibodies. This is called Rh sensitization. Most of the time, this is not a problem the first time you're pregnant. But it could cause problems in future pregnancies.

This shot keeps your body from making the antibodies. You get the shot around 28 weeks of pregnancy. After the birth, your baby's blood is tested. If the blood is Rh positive, you will get another shot. You may also get the shot if you have vaginal bleeding while you are pregnant or if you have a miscarriage. These shots protect future pregnancies.

Women with Rh negative blood will need this shot each time they get pregnant.

What are some examples of Rh immunoglobulin shots?

  • Rh immunoglobulin (HypRho-D, MICRhoGAM, and RhoGAM)

What are some possible side effects of Rh immunoglobulin shots?

Rare side effects may include:

  • Some mild pain where you got the shot.
  • A slight fever.
  • An allergic reaction.

You may have other side effects not listed here. Check the information that comes with your medicine.

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