What is ulcerative colitis surgery?

How is surgery used to treat ulcerative colitis?

Surgery that removes the large intestine (colon) can cure ulcerative colitis. It may help problems that the disease causes outside the colon, such as slowed growth in children.

People need surgery for different reasons. For example, it may be needed when treatment isn't working or when holes form in the large intestine.

These are the two most common types of surgery.

Ileoanal anastomosis.

The surgeon removes some or all of the large intestine, and the lining of the rectum. Then the surgeon connects the small intestine to the anal canal. After this surgery, you can have bowel movements without an ostomy.

Proctocolectomy and ileostomy.

The surgeon removes the large intestine and rectum. Then the surgeon sews the anus closed and creates an opening to the outside of the body. After this surgery, you'll need an ostomy.

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