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Corporate responsibility

CommonSpirit Health is a values-driven health care organization. Our commitment to community begins with living our values and adhering to exceptional standards of conduct. It is the personal responsibility of every person associated with our ministry to behave ethically and appropriately. Delivering quality health care services is complex and there are many laws and regulations governing how we operate. CommonSpirit’s policies, procedures and ongoing education help to ensure that our behaviors and business transactions are ethical and appropriate at all times.

Our values



Care with listening, empathy and love.  

Accompany and comfort those in need of healing.


Celebrate each person’s gifts and voice.

Respect the dignity of all.


Inspire trust through honesty.

Demonstrate courage in the face of inequity.


Serve with fullest passion, creativity, and stewardship.

Exceed expectations of others and ourselves.


Commit to the power of working together.

Build and nurture meaningful relationships.


“At CommonSpirit Health, we believe that corporate responsibility begins with personal responsibility and integrity on the part of everyone who works for and with our organizations.”

Michelle Cooper, Executive Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

Our standards of conduct

All board and committee members, officers, employees, volunteers, medical staff, and others working with CommonSpirit and its organizations must act in accordance with the following standards of conduct:


Demonstrate fairness, honesty and integrity in all interactions in support of  our mission. 


Uphold a high standard of skill and knowledge to deliver exceptional quality  care, service and outcomes. 


Abide by the laws, regulations and policies that govern what we do. 



Maintain the integrity and protect the confidentiality of our patient, resident, client,  employee and organizational information.

Use our resources

Use our resources wisely to protect our assets, reduce our environmental impact  and increase our public health footprint. 


Create an environment that promotes community, respects dignity and supports  safety and well-being. 

Properly disclose

Properly disclose and manage situations that pose potential or actual conflicts  of interest. 


Foster a diverse and inclusive work environment in reverence to our employees,  partners and those we serve.Foster a diverse and inclusive work environment in reverence to our employees,  partners and those we serve.